KICKS Creative Arts offers individuals opportunity to be trained and grow in the creative arts. Not only in the performing side of the arts, but also the technical “behind the scenes” side. KCA also provides individuals the opportunity to audition for upcoming KICKS Ministries productions. These productions include film, television and much more. The classes are taught from a Christian world view and are designed to provide Christians a safe environment to use the gifts God has given them in media ministry to others. If you are interested in being involved with KICKS and our productions, please fill out our audition form at www.kicksflicks.org

KICKS creative arts classes for this season have ended.

Fill out our audition form to be notified when classes begin.

Or feel free to CONTACT US if you have questions.


KICKS Creative Arts | Classes

This a FREE local outreach that will equip and nurture the creative abilities of children, teens and adults.

We offer:
• Acting for screen and theater
• Behind the scenes aspects of film and television
• Editing and pre/post production
• Music
• Dance
• Art & Digital Art
• Crafts and much more!

Our goal is to help you grow in your art and give an outlet to use the gifts God has given you to further the Kingdom.

These outlets include:
• KICKS Flicks feature films
• Television programs
• Shorts
• Inspirational videos for the web
• Music recording, and more!


KICKS Creative Arts |  Visual Arts:

All profit from every visual art sale goes to help reach people all around the world through our outreach “KICKS Creative Arts” and through the many outreaches of KICKS Ministries. A special thank you to all of our volunteers for their time, effort and talent! Just know that when you purchase a piece of visual art, from these featured visual artists, you’re helping to make a positive impact on people all around the world!

KICKS Creative Arts | Featured Visual Artists:

Nicole Mauck | Instagram @kicksnicole 

Visual Artist | Creative & Performing Arts Director at KICKS Ministries

Nicole Mauck (kicksnicole) is passionate about creating quality visual art. She believes in connecting and growing with local artists in order to impact the globe positively.

You can also find her acting in the following KICKS Flicks Films:

Camp New: Act One

Camp New: Dollar Days

Camp New: Humble Pie

Wings of the Wind


Tony Robinson

Photographer | Cinematographer | Executive Director at KICKS Ministries

Tony Robinson believes in creating authentic & competitive entertainment that inspires families & people of every age. He believes that photography & filmmaking has the power to change lives and future generations.


You can also find his cinematography in the following KICKS Flicks Films:  

Sybil Ludington

Camp New: Act One

The Light of Freedom

Camp New: Dollar Days

Camp New: Humble Pie

Wings of the Wind



More Featured Visual Artists Coming Soon!

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