KICKS Creative Arts wants to help you discover your creative potential and give opportunities for your gifts! We offer individuals of all ages the opportunity to be mentored, taught, and grow in creative arts, book and comic illustrations, and performing arts. We also give opportunity for your gifts in the technical “behind the scenes” side, as well as the music side.  These mentoring classes, videos, blogs, podcasts, publications, and projects are to inspire individuals to express their creative gifts. KCA also provides individuals the opportunity to audition for upcoming KICKS Ministries productions. These productions include film, television and much more. All KCA mentoring classes are taught from a Christian world view. They are designed to provide Christians a safe environment to use the gifts God has given them in production, publication, and media ministry. If you are interested in being involved with KICKS productions and a mentoring program please fill out our audition form at www.kicksflicks.org

KICKS Creative Arts  (KCA) classes are announced regularly.

Fill out our audition form if you desire to be involved in any of our productions or classes.

Or feel free to CONTACT US if you have questions.

KICKS Creative Arts | Mentoring and Classes

KICKS Creative Arts is designed to equip and nurture the creative abilities in all ages. They are designed to help individuals discover their creative potential.

We offer:
•Film production from the experience of the Director
•A Director’s experience for actors regarding scene design, aspects of film, and television
• Script work from a Director’s view
• Discovering your creative potential in the arts
• Creative and Performing Arts mentoring
• Crafts and much more!

Our goal is to help you grow in your creative gifts of all kinds, including creative arts and performing arts, while giving an outlet to use the gifts God has given you to further the Kingdom.

These outlets include:
• KICKS Flicks feature films and television programs
• Creative and Performing arts, including book and comic illustrations
• Behind the scenes, including photography
• Inspirational videos and animation for the web and on-demand outlets
• Music, scoring, editing, sound editing, foley, and more!

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