Service Information

KICKS Victory Harvest is a church with the purpose to evangelize through multiple faith-based educational productions, publications, podcasts, creative arts, Bible studies, prayer, and networks. We also have a focus to equip individuals to reach their creative potential through creative arts and performing arts for faith-based media outreach. 

KICKS Victory Harvest on-demand service outreaches ministers with the purpose to equip in the word of God, refresh,  inspire faith, and bring expession through the word of God and Jesus Christ in everyday creativity. Our services uplift and teach God’s word with inspiration, impactful revelation, and understanding, and bring insight that inspires faith. 

KICKS Victory Harvest is also a place for those who are interested in creative arts and performing arts, who are desiring to know more about their creative potential. KICKSVHC gives an opportunity for working behind the scenes, illustrations, music, and so much more.

Connect with us if you are interested in supporting, participating, and praying for faith-based media outreaches, or discovering for yourself, and helping others discover their creative potential through Jesus Christ and His word. KICKS Ministries & Victory Harvest Church is equipping all ages in faith through the word of God, not only bringing them to ‘know’ Jesus and experience His blessing, but to help them fulfill their creative purpose and bless others. 

You can experience our services through “Refresh with Pastor Kim Robinson” and other upcoming on-demand podcasts and media. You can also experience and enjoy our monthly Creative Arts meetings, Prayer services, Bible Studies, and networking, all at various locations and times. These outreaches support all of KICKS’s media projects, creative arts, and are designed to network individuals by faith in  Jesus Christ and His word.

KICKSVHC outreach services are purposed to help others to know their God and do great things as they grow in faith and creativity.  We offer people the ability to be a part of KICKSVHC as they also have the ability to attend their current church while participating with KICKS.

If you desire to participate in a church ministry outreach that equips individuals called in creative arts, performing arts, faith-based entertainment, behind the scenes, media work and outreaches, prayer, studying the word of God, and more, then we invite you to be a part and partner with us as we fulfill the call to bring the church to the media. 

If you are interested in our outreach services, networking with us,  or any of our media projects please contact us. If you are interested in participating with any of our future projects please fill out our audition form

We will happily get back with you with service times, locations, and any requested project information. 

“The people that know their God will be strong and do great things!” Daniel 11:32