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We believe in the gospel of Jesus and equipping people by producing authentic faith based entertainment for all ages.

Do you have this passion as well?

We aren’t just looking for people to support what we are doing. We are looking for people to be a part of what we are doing! Do you have the desire to partner with us to help spread the gospel of Jesus? This includes our church, movies, music, books, television programs, and more.

What is a Partner?

To us, a partner is someone who shares our same passion and wants to be a part of this mission.

 How can you partner with KICKS?


Of course, there’s the obvious, you can give financially. Your gift will be used to help further the gospel of Jesus through our church, ministry, and all our various media outreaches.



You can become of member of KICKS Club! Joining KICKS Club is free and will keep you updated with everything that we are doing. You’ll always be the first to know what’s happening.

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You can share what we are doing with your family and friends. This is vitally important! Keep your real world and virtual circle of friends updated. Follow our social media profiles and share!



Finally, you can purchase our products for you, your family, and friends. Visit our online store to see everything we have produced!

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