KICKS Books and our soon to come, KICKS Comics, provides Christian and educational books and comics that equip kids in reading and character building. We offer opportunities for young illustrators to be inspired in creative illustrating through KICKS Books. Our books reach all ages from toddlers all the way up to young teens. We also create books for teenagers and grown-ups too! At this time we offer over 80 books for children that are currently found exclusively on Amazon. We will soon be publishing KICKS Comics in the upcoming future. Our books offer opportunities for all ages to illustrate books and comics. KICKS Books are digitally exclusive with options for printed copies for some of our books. Visit the KICKS Books page.

KICKS Books offers great reading experiences through various books that features our KICKS Books’ Young Artists Series featuring books for kids; illustrated BY kids. Your youngsters will explore the imagination of their peers with this unique book series.

KICKS Books and Publications are written by Pastor Kim Robinson and offer great fun, inspiration, and reading opportunities for your children. KICKS Comics will be featuring young writers along with Pastor Kim Robinson bringing inspirational messages, stories, and design that will carry many multiple Comic series.

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